I have written about this before but it bears repeating. As I continually write and recruit I am viewing a LOT more resumes to see if they match my job opportunities.I have heard about the 6 second rule. the 10 second rule, and the 15 second rule. My response based on over 25 years of recruiting is the BLINK rule.When your resume is first viewed, the span of the initial glance is in a "blink of an eye". The decision to continue viewing your resume is made in a heartbeat.


I am still seeing resumes where it is difficult to tell what position the candidate is seeking.Do not count on a cover letter to do the job of a mediocre resume.Today resumes need to be quicker to read and scan with the human eye and resume systems. The first people to view your resume may be non-management level staff looking for a quick way to weed candidates out of consideration.You need to BOLDLY let the reader know that you are a fit for their position and that they need to continue perusing your resume.Resume strategies.Interview Strategies.Phone Screen Strategies.Need help with your resume, cover letter and online profile?Email your resume to: Gary@GaryLouisNelson.com

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