Resume Client Feedback and Comments


Awesome!!! I sent my resume in last night and got a call back this AM. Phone interview on Monday afternoon :)))

From a Government Relations Executive

AS USUAL GARY, IT ROCKS and YOU ROCK. THANKS for helping me change my life and the life of my family for the better.

Gary this looks un frickin believable! I highlighted a few things and added comments in red other than that you make the call, and then make it official, and I will send this off to the new position I am trying for before its too late… You have changed my life!

IT Professional

What she needs here is a professional that will take her through the process of “Discovery” and all the way into a final professional Resume, an update specific for LinkedIn, a Cover Letter, a Reference request letter, and some introduction / recruitment connections.  This is a big task to capture what she’s done and will require several iterations of a professional to get it right for the market.

I have a wonderful resume writer (the guy who did my resume) named Gary Nelson – Gary is also a recruiter who’s done a great job with everyone I’ve sent his way over the years. (I send everyone but you to Gary – grin!) Seriously, she needs professional attention – Gary will walk her through the entire process in a professional manner – Tell him I sent you.

Executive at IBM


Hi Gary,

I just wanted to thank you for writing my resume.
You definitely know what the market wants to see.

I accepted an offer and I will start my new job on Monday.

Just wanted to thank you for your help and absolutely will recommend you to my friends.

Thanks again,
Senior Program/Program Manager


Hi Gary,  Thanks for all your help.  Got a great gig at 55/hr mostly with the use of your resume writing skill.

Former Army Officer, IT Program Manager

Thank you Gary. It has been a pleasure. I am glad I that I made the decision to invest in myself by seeking an experienced Professional such as yourself to guide me through this after many years.

Senior Information Technology Executive

Gary writes and customizes Executive Level Resumes for highly skilled and talented Professionals.
If you are not getting highly paid and highly responsible assignments and clients, you may not be Marketing your Personal Brand adequately.
Communicating to companies and hiring managers for openings greater than $60/hour is very different than openings less than $60/hour.
Having a website is not the same as a having an Executive Level Resume – in my opinion, the attention span for HR managers and Hiring managers is less than 60 seconds which is much shorter than telling them to look at your website for information about you (120 seconds or more, if they do it at all)
Gary specializes in the type of communication that delivers high impact assessment of your skills and talents, then drives the clients to decide to hire/engage you for their company.
I am paying all the costs for your time with Gary, so use your time to squeeze every ounce of knowledge and expertise he has to improve your 2015 situation.
This is important: Even if you get a new job or client in the next 30 days – DO NOT make the mistake of ignoring the opportunity to build your Executive Resume for the next job or client while you are currently employed or engaged – the job hunting industry is very dynamic and very competitive – sitting back and “resting on your laurels” will lead to “sitting on the bench” waiting for another opportunity to show up (which may not happen when you want) – which leads to no new revenue or money coming into your bank account.
Your time with Gary is already paid – start your own “chase”…
Michael, PMP



Holy smokes!! The last version of the resume’ that you wrote for me was the right solution, and I just realized that I never reached out to you to thank you for your efforts! So sorry.

Anyway, I landed about a month and a half ago, and things are going well. I am selling Human Capital Management solutions to companies. It’s a product that I feel like I can really et behind, so the job is a good fit for me.

Anyway, thank you for everything you did to make this happen for me!

Hope all is well with you.

District Manager, Major Accounts

I would like to truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you did for me by working on my resume.  I’ve received a lot of offers and was able to really pick and choose which ones I even wanted to work with.  Today is my last day at my current position.
Thank you.  You did an amazing job and have truly changed my career trajectory.
Sales Engineer


My rock-star resume has helped me so much already, and I can’t wait for what’s to come!

Marketing Associate


Interviewed yesterday in Maryland. Good opportunity. My resume continues to receive outstanding response.

Senior Operations Executive


From Retained Search Recruiter

I really like it !
It has the WOW factor !


Gary great job! I love the new look resume..

I want to say thanks, thanks, for your huge help on helping me on getting a real solid job opportunity,

Senior Technology Professional


Hi Gary,

Thank you so much!  You have done a great job and I appreciate the help tremendously.  I’ll be in touch soon.

Thank you,

Program Analyst, Director, Cyber Security

Hi Gary,

Just wanted to let you know that I started a new job yesterday… I was hired as a project manager for an IT consultant company in New Jersey…

I do believe that my new resume that you revised for me was a difference maker…Thank you again for your service…

Best of Luck

Senior Project Manager, Operations Manager


I decided to leave resume intact.  As I stated before, I really like the new resume.  It’s lightweight, yet heavy with content at the same time.

Technology Product, Program & Project Management

Hi Gary,

I am still at xxx and finally got the job of CIO (the job that I was applying for when you  helped me with my resume).  So you can add one more success to your list 🙂

I hope you are doing well.

CIO, Higher Education Institution



Thanks again, and great job with the Resume.  After posting the updated resume on the various job sites and you reworking the LinkedIn page, my activity level increased dramatically!  I have secured three job offers, within 3 weeks.

Thanks again,

Senior Account Executive, Cloud Technology, SaaS

Former Director of Technology Staffing Company.

 I reported to him as a Recruiter!


 I talked to a recruiter today. He said my resume is one of the best he’s seen. Kudos to you. I told him I had it professionally done.

Sales, National Accounts, New Business Development Executive



I am sure you remember writing Mike’s resume followed by my resume and my wife M.  I wanted to introduce you to my cousin: M. A.  M recently accomplished a Microsoft certification and is interested in breaking into the IT industry as a database administrator.  I was hoping you can provide him the same excellent guidance.

As a quick update, I am now the IT Operations Manager at xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx Sciences.  Your resume continues to be my best interviewing weapon.  M is now working at a woman’s rehabilitation facility.



Hi Gary,

I think this is very good.  You captured the essence of what I wanted to convey and presented it in a way which conveys seniority (experience) and competence.

Senior Operations and Facilities Executive, Colleges and Universities

Hi Gary,

All I can say is…WOW!

I didn’t realize how easily the resume I sent to you would put someone to sleep in record time.

You really did a number and I am very grateful. I will review and make changes and return if necessary.

Thanks Again!

Operations and Finance Executive



I would like to thank you for your work on my resume.  My resume has improved my search exponentially.

Human Resources Director


Thank you so much Gary!!!  – I have been very proud to use my new resume and feel so much more confident with my job search.  🙂


DIGITAL MEDIA DIRECTOR- Content Strategy ● Content Management-Program Management ● Project Management-User Experience- Social Media Content





The resume looks absolutely beautiful, the format looks great and the content is perfect.

You have helped me turn an ugly and messy resume into a professional and clean looking resume!!  Thank you for all of the work you have done! Now I am ready to officially begin my job search!!


BN, Senior Accountant




I absolutely love what you did to my resume!!  It is awesome!  You reduced it by two pages and yet everything seems to still be there!  It just looks so appealing…the font, the format, everything!  Thank you for the wonderful job! Again, Gary, thank you.  Let’s keep in touch.

Financial Analyst

The resume looks great! Thanks you so much. I do not see anything that needs changed as of now. I will keep looking over it and let you know if I find anything.

Sales & Account Management Executive, Healthcare

Thank you for the re-worked resume. I am getting good hits and also great feedback.

IT Director


The resume looks absolutely beautiful, the format looks great and the content is perfect.  You have helped me turn an ugly and messy resume into a professional and clean looking resume!!  Thank you for all of the work you have done! Now I am ready to officially begin my job search!!

BN, Senior Accountant


I appreciate the quick turn around on the draft you gave me! I attached my updated resume and cover I sent to my contact. I’m happy to report I have a phone screen tomorrow with xxxxx.

MM,  Global Business Development Executive

Hi Gary

I start my be sales position today as Account Executive for xxxx USA here in Detroit. We are the US subsidiary of xxxx and sell IT consulting services.

I just wanted to thank you for your help on my resume and for the coaching advise for interviews.

Scott, Senior Sales Executive & Account Manager, Global IT Consulting Company

Hello Gary,

I have reviewed the resume, and do not have any corrections or changes to request. I am very satisfied with the end-result. It is remarkable how you were able to condense my old resume into only two pages. This will be much easier to manage, and for recruiters to read.

Thank you so much!


Federal Government ● Healthcare ● Information Technology

Again, thanks a million for the resume you wrote for me, it helped me get the new job at XXX in Luxembourg. For the future, I won’t hesitate to recommend you to my contacts or write you an email in case I would need a new resume.

All the best,
FGS, Global Investment Analyst

What a coincidence – just a couple of days ago I recommended you to a Brazilian friend,  by the way I’m not asking for a finder’s fee 🙂

The resume you wrote for me 2-3 years ago has worked wonders ! It helped me reach interview stage when I applied from Shanghai for an IT Director role in Europe – I took that job – and I’ve just been offered a senior IT Director role at a worldwide HQ. Again the CV and covering letter were strong selling factors. So, I am a fan and will keep referring people who are looking for this kind of service.

Best of luck with your new site and services.

Best regards,

Keiran, Global Business Technology Leader

Thank you for an excellent rewrite, Gary!

I am especially impressed by your ability to steer focus whilst maintaining a cohesive narrative.

Andrew, Process Engineering Manager, Scandinavia

Hi, Gary,
Just wanted to drop you a line – last year, you revised my resume for me, and I wanted to let you know that that revision paid off! It took a bit of time, as I was not able to relocate, but I just landed a new job that is a major step up the career ladder for me. I had beefed up my LinkedIn profile using the resume you wrote for me and was contacted by a recruiter as a result. I’m sure I would not have been if I hadn’t had my resume redone by you. I even had a second offer at the same time from another company to consider!

Thank you once again.

Leigh, Senior Business Analyst

Hi Gary

Thank you!
The resume looks great. It’s a perfect snapshot of my professional experience, accomplishments, and what I may offer. You’re no doubt very talented.
I’m starting the second half of my life and believe your efforts will contribute to me moving in a positive and financially rewarding direction.

Troy-Senior Sales Executive

Hello Gary,

Thank you for the resume and cover letter. I appreciate your hard work.
Have a great holiday season!

Thank you,
Fernando- Recent Information Technology Masters Graduate

Many thanks! I will do an edit in the morning and send it to you for review. All your points are well taken and you have constructed this in a much better way than I could. You really are the professional! Do you have suggestions for cover letters?

Many thanks,


Hello Gary

Sorry for my late reply: thank you very much for all your help. I received it all in time, made a few little changes and sent it off last night. I already got their feedback today, they were happy with what I sent and the next interview is scheduled for next week, whoohoo J

Have a good evening,

Catrine, International Account Executive

My resume looks AMAZING! Thank you for revitalizing it. I understand the focus and direction it is meant to go from the beginning.

Jim, US Marine Corp. Program and Project Manager-Defense-Aviation

 Gary…I could not be more pleased…the resume is already gathering interest from a couple of options I have in the San Antonio area…
Thank you again so much!
Be safe and well…
Mike, Former USAF Senior Operations Leader

 Thanks for the resume. It is impressive. I agree with your comments on making the resume standout.

Rama-Global Manufacturing Technology Engineer

Wow!, this resume looks like a major upgrade was done comparing the prev ver, really awesome work!

Ofir -VP of Engineering-Global Software Development

Both the Resume and Cover letter are outstanding.


  Hi Gary

Hope this finds you doing well. I just landed a awesome job paying 90k w/10% bonus. The difference was the resume. The VP that interviewed me was very impressed with my accomplishments and he told me it put me ahead of other candidates. Through the course of job hunting I was complemented on more than one occasion on how well it was written and a pleasure to read. I would have never landed this job without your help!!!. I want to thank you very much.



I am very pleased with my new resume.
Thank you for teaching me so much about the process and helping me improve my personal brand.
I appreciate everything you have done for me.
Michael PMP

Dear Gary,

Sorry about the late reply, I’m presently working on the other sections of the CPA exam. First of all let me take the time to say what a stellar job you did on my resume. Its almost like you have met me before, I would feel very comfortable in an interview with this representation of me.

 Gary, excellent job on the resume I am very impressed. I now have a much better understanding of how resume’s need to be written. I feel that I am now able to start actively looking for a job.
Thanks again

 Hi Gary,
First let me just say “Wow”. This is an exceptional looking resume and truly does reflect what my career and skills are about in an extremely professional and, most importantly, confident manner. I know for certain now that I made the right decision in investing in TheLadders resume-writing services.
I look forward to hearing from you. The cover letter is excellent as well.

Thank you,

 Wow, Gary, I just took a quick look so far, but I can totally tell this was WELL-WORTH the money. Very cool. Gosh, if you ever need a testimonial – I wasn’t even coming close to this quality myself.

 Gary, just want you to know my resume is starting to produce. I have a face to face interview with KPMG on Monday for a Manager, Infrastructure Customer Liaison position.

 It looks great thank you very much.

Your work and professionalism is very refreshing in these times of chaos lack of customer service.

Doug, CEO, COO

 It was a pleasure speaking with you today. Thank you so much for taking care of my resume and all of the insights you provided me with. It is most appreciated.

Thanks again,
Brad, PMP


Both doc and txt R1 versions are outstanding! I see no more tweaking needed, and accept these as final versions. I look forward to receiving the adaptable cover letter.

About the cover letter:

Yes I see the linkage. Again, an outstanding product!


 A brief email to let you know about the work performed by Gary Nelson.  Gary was able to quickly revise my resume covering 20 years and 4 pages of accomplishments.  The experience was refreshing, and I am quite pleased with how it turned out.  If you would like additional detail, feel free to email me.



The resume is still paying off of. It was picked up by a company named Bradley-Morris and I have six interviews on Monday for some very nice jobs. It also landed me another interview with a company named Aramark for a position as a Senior Facilities Manager. Once again thanks for the resume. I guess I worried to much. The lack of calls will do that.


Hi Gary,
Awesome Job!!! Perfect… Thank you very much… will be very happy to provide references for you… please do not hesitate to give my name…
Now, I need to land a job!! 🙂 🙂
Thanks and regards,

I am a client of the ladders. I requested in having my resume rewritten and a cover letter to be drafted. Not knowing any of the personnel at The ladders, I had no idea who was going to work with me on this project. I was assigned Mr. Gary Nelson.

I found Mr. Nelson to be a professional writer in every direction of expertise. His knowledge of IT Technology and the command of the English language are superb. I give you and him the Highest praise that can be given in having him on your staff.  Gary is a very creative writer and is knowledgeable in making resumes interesting and enjoyable to read. It has been a pleasure to work with him. I wish you and Theladders much success.

Paul, Ph. D.

Subject: Job Interview

After you sent me my resume I posted it on a job closing that day (Thursday). The next day I recieved a call from the recruiter and then had an appointment to do a compentancy interview on Tuesday. I had a call from the hiring manager to set and interview before my compentancy interview was even done. I owe it all to the AWESOME resume you wrote for me. Now its is up to me to ace the interview.

“Gary is an accomplished writer who knows how to get results. If you are looking for someone who can create a high-end presentation and a resume that is dialed into the C-Suite, then look no further. Gary takes the time to learn about his clients and makes his work personal and relevant to their goals and target career path. I give Gary the highest recommendation and can say that lucky is the person who gets to benefit from his skills.”
Service Category: Writer/Editor
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative


Thank you so much for the work you did on my resume. The polished document helped me stand out from hundreds of other applicants (I know, because I was told as much from prospective employers). Anyway, the result was having multiple opportunities to choose from and I have recently come aboard as the CEO for a medical group in Pittsburgh, PA.

I hope other people who want to advance their career get lucky enough to work with you!
Best Regards, Mary

Very nice job Gary, This one’s a keeper. Many thanks
Bob-Director of Quality

Thanks so much Gary!

  I am hoping I can find a printer somewhere here (at the Job Fair) to get this passed out.
There were just a couple of corrections to dates that I made.
Well done sir, thanks again,

Ed- Aviation-Chief Pilot-Operations-Training


The resume is still doing you proud.  Have had a lot of positive activity.  Hoping that it will help to catch something permanent.  I’m singing your praises all over the place.

Hope you are doing well

JD-Excellence Executive

Hi Gary, At first glance – WOW. This really is an attention getter. I understand about your approach to style. Healthcare Executive


Have been mailing out this new piece with a vengeance.  Feedback on style and content have been very positive!

JD-Excellence Executive

 Hi Gary,
The resume looks great! You truly are a professional. It flows really nice, and gives a great overall snapshot of what I have to offer to a prospective employer.
Thanks for answering my questions too! You’ve put me at ease regarding these issues.


 Thanks a lot.

I have just sent you an invite for LinkedIn.

I am very pleased with the results.



 Thank you, Gary. This is outstanding. I never could have done this myself.




Thank you!  I’m very pleased with both the new resume and cover letter.  At a glance, the resume quickly highlights my competencies, skill set and experience which in a fast-paced world is critical.  I know this will serve me well.



 Hi Gary,

Thank you for the cover letter and the formatted contract position. Everything looks great!!!

You are awesome!

Take Care,



Thank you for the fine job you did on both my resume and cover letter.  I also truly appreciate your offer of additional assistance.  In that spirit I have attached an excel spreadsheet of Private Equity firms (most in Chicago) that I am targeting.  I would truly appreciate any referrals you might be able to offer to any of them.

Thank you again.


  Thanks Gary! I love it!

I don’t think I would change a thing. It’s a very strong resume. I’ll let you know how my job search goes with it.

Thanks so much!


 Gary, your draft exceeded my expectations.

Rick, R.

Gary I would like to introduce you to Falise. I advised her that you were awesome and truly a gift in the resume area!!!


Hi Gary,

I’m sure you’ve forgotten about me by now! Sorry to not respond sooner but work has been very crazy! The cover letter and resume look fabulous!!! I feel like a new person now! Thank you for your help. Do you think I should post a piece of my resume on linked in? Any suggestions would be great.



ATTN:  this message is to let you know I am quite please with Gary’s ability to transform my resume from nominal to attention  getting. I truly believe I will received the necessary attention needed by recruiters looking for my skill sets.


Gary –

I am well pleased with the work you have done. Thank you very much for your expert input.



David W. writes about his experience with Gary:


 Recently, I subscribed to the Ladders.com website and I was paired up with Gary Nelson to revamp my resume’.  I was very pleased with the end-product as well as his willingness to answer any/all questions that I had.  He is a wealth of experience who is glad to share his perspective on business and networking matters.  He was a joy to visit with on the phone, and I would(and have already) recommended him to other professionals who were hesitant about pursuing doing what I did- subscribing to the Ladders.com (as well as asking for Gary Nelson) due to the price associated with the resume’ services.  My advice to my peers was that this service was worth every penny.  Again, my input was based on my experience of working with Gary Nelson.

 Best wishes,

David W.


Thanks for the time today, I know we went over 2 hours and I appreciated every minute. From the therapeutic part at the beginning while you patiently let me vent about Infomedia, through the middle when we focused on the resume, to the end when you offered many options, suggestions and contacts.

I feel better about where I am at and look forward to finding a happy place to be.


Fabulous resume and covering letter – thank you.  They are pithy, cut to the quick communicating the key points in a way senior managers will appreciate, and do an incredible job of marketing my experience and contribution.  I’d feel very comfortable defending my experience in an interview based on this resume.


Thank you for your hard work Gary.  The Resume and Cover are both bvery impressive.  Now it’s into the trenches 🙂

It’s been great working with you.  With your permission, l”ll keep in touch.



I really like the changes you made to the resume and the adaptable cover letter is impressive. Also, thank you for explaining the features and importance of LinkedIn.

I am traveling this week and should be back by next Wednesday.  Hopefully, we can touch base late next week.

Thanks again for all your help.



Thank you for the resumes and cover letter; they all look great.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you,