More COGs (clients) Landing Jobs!

Congratulations to these resume clients landing! Business Development Executive, Global Technology Services Company Director of Operations, Global Manufacturing Company Executive Director, Public Utility Senior Engagement Manager, Technology Consulting Company Join these successful job seekers. Contact me for a free resume and job search review. Currently in the process of joining an international Executive Recruiting […]

Executive Resume Clients This Week:

Outstanding talent seeking new opportunities include a Senior IT Enterprise Solutions Account Executive, a Senior Business Operations Executive, a Senior Manufacturing Operations Executive and a Senior Financial Services Executive. New Offering: Launching the Confidential Job Search Membership Group. Special Introductory Membership now available for a limited time.

Hidden Jobs and Getting Around the “System”.

Hidden Jobs: Many of my clients are landing positions that were not posted anywhere! Connected Internal and External Recruiters are given a “heads-up” on soon-to-be-open positions. They look into their databases and LinkedIn for likely candidates. Once they locate these candidates they interview and gather resumes. Now they are ready to present when the position […]

Before You Apply-Quick Resume Checklist.

Scenarios: You found the perfect position online or you have a contact-connection who will give your resume to a Manager or Recruiter. I have posted on how to craft your resume here. Before you proceed take a look at your resume and check these items: Starting at the top: Your name-City & State-Email-1 Best Phone […]

Over-the Top Resume Wording.

I am still seeing Over-the-Top wording in new client resumes. Take a look at your resume, are you still using Orchestrated, Spearheaded, Championed or Keen Communicator? You want to make an impact without distracting the reader with convoluted and grandiose language. More help available here. Free Resume Review.  

How to Write Your Own Resume. Part 3

This post is the third in a series designed to help you write your own resume and put your skills and accomplishments in a format that will appeal to all those strangers out there who will be viewing your resume. In the last post we discussed “Your Marketing Message”. The top 25% to 33% of your resume […]

I love notes like this:

Hi Gary – so just to let you know – the recruiter for another job presented my new resume today to the software company and I have an interview with the hiring manager there!    Thanks again 🙂 Senior Product Marketing Manager. Need help with yours?

Your Job Search: Does anyone know you?

Ever hear “Who do you know”? The real question should be””Who knows you”? Unless you have a personal relationship, it is not likely you would be cold-calling a C-Level Executive and ask for a job at their company. Why are you suddenly calling Recruiters and asking them to find you a job? My Recruiting FOGs […]