Does your resume scream: I did not write this?!!

I keep seeing the same old “Resume Writer” words on resumes that immediately say to the reader that the candidate had someone else write their resume. If you have “orchestrate” and “spearhead” on your resume you need to do some editing. The other area that needs attention is matching the top of your resume where […]

New Resume and Profile Projects this Week.

Resume, Cover Letter and Profile for a Business Development Executive Profile for a Customer Service Executive. Resume, Cover Letter and Profile for an Investor Relations Professional Resume, Cover Letter and Profile for a Global Product Portfolio Management Executive. Profile for a Sr. Finance Manager. Resume, Cover Letter and Profile for an IT Director, PMP.     Use Appointment […]

Ask Gary: I am moving to another city. Do I just indicate this in my Cover Letter?

I would not count on the Cover Letter to indicate your situation especially if you are going to be in competition with a lot of local candidates! To start, put your destination city at the top of the resume. I never put in the whole address on my resumes and I will put the closest […]

Writing projects this week include:

Resume Package and Profile for a Senior Sales Executive offering Multi-Million Dollar SaaS Solutions. Bios for a Team of Management Consultants,  each a Trusted Advisor and expert in the Retail Technology area. Resume Package and Profile for a Senior Manufacturing Operations Executive. Resume Package and Profile for a Chief Information Office. Resume Package and Profile for […]

Does your resume look like this?

Going forward I will be going through each section and present resume strategies based on over 20 years of recruiting experience and over 1K resumes delivered in the last 36 months. My resumes are designed to have an impact and let the reader “see” you in their environment! If you wish to discuss your situation […]

Make a Human Connection.

How many jobs have you applied to without a response? Instead of just applying for the posted job opening, I always encourage my clients to cross reference the target company in LinkedIn and contact a hiring manager or an internal recruiter. Also, many employers’ career pages invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their […]

New Resume Projects.

Great people looking for opportunities. Resume projects to write this week include 2 IT Executives, a Project Manager, a Senior Operations Manager, an experienced Global Program & Project Leader, a VP of IT and an Accounting Manager. How does your resume look?