Job Posts-What Are They Looking For????

Periodically I am compelled to re-post especially when a situation or question comes up 5 times in a week! As part of my resume writing process, I ask clients to send job examples so I can align their resume to desired opportunities. When we discuss the postings it is often difficult to determine who they […]

Do I need a resume?

Ask Gary: Talked to a client yesterday who asked if she still needs a resume. I just read another article this morning stating that resumes are no longer needed and you need to just tell a company how you can help them. So far, in all of my discussions and meetings with recruiters who are actually […]

Your Job Search: Does anyone know you?

Ever hear “Who do you know”? The real question should be””Who knows you”? Unless you have a personal relationship, it is not likely you would be cold-calling a C-Level Executive and ask for a job at their company. Why are you suddenly calling Recruiters and asking them to find you a job? My Recruiting FOGs […]

What tools do you use?

I have been asking my clients what they use to keep track of submissions and access open opportunities. Most are hitting the usual job sites including the Ladders, Career Builder and Tools utilized are Excel, Evernote and Paper lists. I use Evernote extensively so I can access information on my PC, phone and iPad. […]