Are you Interviewing & Not Receiving Offers?

What the Heck do they Want? Are you a fit AND are you communicating how you are a great fit? Can they visualize you in THEIR environment? Ask yourself: You actually fit the position?  You have the experience and skills to do the job? Could they tell that you can grab hold of a challenge […]

COGs getting Jobs.

I hear from my COGs (Clients of Gary) when they obtain interviews and new jobs. This is why love what  I do! Helping real people get real jobs! New positions include: VP Sales and Marketing IT Director IT Executive Engineering Executive CPA Social Media Executive CEO Congratulations to all! How is your job search going? […]

I love notes like this:

Hi Gary – so just to let you know – the recruiter for another job presented my new resume today to the software company and I have an interview with the hiring manager there!    Thanks again 🙂 Senior Product Marketing Manager. Need help with yours?