Over-the Top Resume Wording.

I am still seeing Over-the-Top wording in new client resumes. Take a look at your resume, are you still using Orchestrated, Spearheaded, Championed or Keen Communicator? You want to make an impact without distracting the reader with convoluted and grandiose language. More help available here. Free Resume Review.  

New Resume & Content Projects this Week.

My passion is helping your experience and talents show through on your resume and create a compelling message to all those “strangers” out there. This week I am privileged to work with a Senior Global ERP Consultant employed by an International Consulting Company, a Senior Operations Leader employed by a major Retailer and a Senior Program and […]

How to Write Your Own Resume. Part 2

This post is the second in a series designed to help you write your own resume and put your skills and accomplishments in a format that will appeal to all those strangers out there who will be viewing your resume. Your Marketing Message. The top quarter to third of your resume should have impact! The Reader should […]

Are you ready to submit your resume? Check these editing strategies.

I have posted multiple resume strategies at GaryLouisNelson.com. Before you submit your resume make sure all those strangers out there who will view your resume in “the blink of an eye” will respond positively and will want to keep looking at it! If you are not sure, review the strategies on the site. One of […]