Search: CEO – Medical Center

This is the lead administrative position for a medical center. Responsible for day-to-day operations of the medical center through team leadership and development. Accountable for financial and statistical reporting, including financial planning, budgeting and maintaining all fiscal records and systems. Develops and interprets financial data that relates to long range planning. Consults directly with the […]

Attention Recruiters: Talented Clients Looking For New Opportunities.

Senior Technical Recruiter in Chicago. Green Product Program and Project Manager in Dallas CEO, Manufacturing in New York Financial Analyst in San Francisco Manufacturing Operations Executive in Cincinnati Business Development and Sales Executive in Tennessee Director of Operations in Dallas Information Technology Executive in Austin   Contact me at Gary@GaryLouisNelson to connect to these great professionals!

Your Job Search: Does anyone know you?

Ever hear “Who do you know”? The real question should be””Who knows you”? Unless you have a personal relationship, it is not likely you would be cold-calling a C-Level Executive and ask for a job at their company. Why are you suddenly calling Recruiters and asking them to find you a job? My Recruiting FOGs […]