More Resume Clients Landing Jobs. How is Your Search?

I have resume clients interviewing for jobs.

These clients recently started new jobs:

Account Executive for a Technology company.

Chief Operating Officer at a Global Manufacturing Company.

Senior Network Operations Manager at a Global Telecommunications Company.

How is your job search?

Does your resume pass the “Blink of an Eye Test“?

Do not count on your Cover Letter to overcome a weak Resume.

As I search for and receive candidates for jobs I am working I continuously see the same issues: functional resumes, 4 page resumes, just a list of bullets, just a list of tasks without accomplishments, lack of clarity as to the job desired, wordsmithing issues and many more.

There are no shortcuts or tricks-just put yourself in the best light possible and make sure you are pursuing opportunities that are a fit-this takes work.

Working on:

Build & Release Engineer

Account Manager, Alloys

Assistant Controllers

Agency Referral Specialist

CPG Brand Manager

B2B manager, Market Development

Business Intelligence Analyst

Technology-Pre-Sales Enterprise Solutions Architect, KS, OK



Chief Sales Officer

Director, Information Security

Director, Quality Assurance