Is Not Being Tech Savvy Hurting Your Job Search?

When I interview candidates and resume clients I continuously tell me that they are not Tech Savvy-especially from those a little older.

Fortunately, I embraced technology early on, not as an “early adopter “ but as a super user.


I remember when a consulting company issued me a BlackBerry and I needed to make the decision to go “all in” and ditch my DayTimer.

It was hard to let my worn-in, burgundy , suit-coat-sized holder  sit in my desk and put all appointments and contacts into the device.

You cannot fake a familiarity with technology to get by in an interview.

I have a number of devices I use and a large number of applications I employ in my daily workflow.

I can speak knowledgeably of what I use and what I do with them.

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal. In ‘Reverse Mentoring,’ Tech-Savvy Twentysomethings Help Older Managers.

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