Resume Strategies: Sentence structure and font.

Your resume should be constructed using a tight, economical sentence structure and bullet format. Not all paragraphs and not all bullets!                 This allows for easier and faster employer reviews. Most resumes are written in Times New Roman.Use another font such as Arial.  It gives the resume a modern […]

Your resume: What position do you want? I can’t tell!

While we no longer place objectives at the top of a professional resume, you still need to attract viewers and keep them interested. Enter your Marketing Message! You need headers, a paragraph of soft skills, and an indication of your competencies.   You must continuously tweak your resume to align with EACH target opportunity as […]

Resume Strategies Part 2

#2 in a series of posts on resume strategies. A good resume should leave the prospective employer with a desire to know more. They will be likely to call and phone-screen you.             You must give enough information so they can :see” you working in their environment. Present your situations/issues, your […]