Why are you not submitting me?

I have been meeting with Recruiters to go over resume strategies ensuring alignment with recruiting needs. A common topic of discussion with Recruiters and Candidates is “THE SUBMISSION“. Here are common “kick-out” factors: Location. The client is in Chicago and you are not. Few  clients want to relocate anyone in this economy. Industry. The client is […]

Are you ready to submit your resume? Check these editing strategies.

I have posted multiple resume strategies at GaryLouisNelson.com. Before you submit your resume make sure all those strangers out there who will view your resume in “the blink of an eye” will respond positively and will want to keep looking at it! If you are not sure, review the strategies on the site. One of […]

Clients say: I don’t want to brag………

While you may be humble and self-effacing you still need to properly present yourself! When I discuss the scope of  job responsibilities, situations faced, issues resolved and accomplishments I exclaim:  “Why isn’t any of this on your resume”? For a free resume evaluation of your responsibilities, situations resolved and accomplishments email your resume to: Gary@GaryLouisNelson.com    

The Transition from Military to Civilian Resume.

Making this transition on paper can be very challenging. The chances are that all those strangers out there viewing your resume have never served. In my own LARGE family only my Father and I have been in the military.     There is a tendency for military clients to over-emphasize leadership skills without giving the reader […]

Resume Strategies: Headers

What should the headers include? Here is what I do for most resumes: Your name in CAPS in size 14 Arial Black. Followed by: Your city and state, email address, 1 best phone number, LinkedIn profile. Arial Black-10 font size Followed by: a separation line Then: A target position title. ex: Business & Technology Executive Arial Black-14 […]

Resume Strategies: Numbers

In most professional writing circles, numbers less than 10 are spelled out, while numbers greater than 10 are stated numerically. However,in resumes, all numbers, even single-digit numbers are presented numerically, helping them stand out on the page and call the reviewer’s attention to the metric. This allows faster and more accurate scanning of your resume, […]