Is Not Being Tech Savvy Hurting Your Job Search?

When I interview candidates and resume clients I continuously tell me that they are not Tech Savvy-especially from those a little older. Fortunately, I embraced technology early on, not as an “early adopter “ but as a super user. I remember when a consulting company issued me a BlackBerry and I needed to make the decision […]

Can You Pass the “Blink of an Eye” Test?

I say YOU because your resume initially represents YOU! My clients have been talking about the 6 second rule. the 10 second rule, and the 15 second rule. My response based on over 25 years of recruiting is the BLINK rule. When your resume is first viewed, the span of the initial glance is in […]

Are you Interviewing & Not Receiving Offers?

What the Heck do they Want? Are you a fit AND are you communicating how you are a great fit? Can they visualize you in THEIR environment? Ask yourself: You actually fit the position?  You have the experience and skills to do the job? Could they tell that you can grab hold of a challenge […]

Are you really prepared for a phone interview?

I was recently reminded of the importance of phone interview preparation when 3 clients mentioned that there interviews had not gone well. They had not taken sufficient time to really get themselves ready. They thought they could just “wing it”. Another strategy for phone interviewing is to  record yourself. How do you come across on […]

Ask Gary. I am getting interviews-but no offers!

I have had some conversations recently with excellent resume clients who are getting phone interviews but are not receiving personal interviews or offers. In these conversations many have indicated that they felt they had not been at their best during the phone screen/ interview. Before the call: Have a copy of your resume in hand. […]

The Phone Screen/Interview. Typical opening questions.

Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work here? What are your long and short term goals? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you want to leave your current position? Why did you leave previous positions. Explain employment gaps. How do you handle issues and problems? What are your […]

The Phone Screen/Interview. Part 2

Remember, you are trying to get them to see you. Not give you a job-yet.   Listen to each question-make sure you understand the question-answer appropriately. You need to connect with the interviewer. You need to be prepared to answer technical questions, traditional questions, and behavioral questions. Have your answers to these questions where you […]