I applied to 100 jobs with no response. What gives??

Every week I hear this from new clients. If you are submitting your resume without a response,then you need to change your game plan. Are you Continuously aligning your resume with EACH opportunity? If you are a Skills fit, are you a Cultural fit? Have you made an attempt to make a “human connection” within […]

Confidential & Personal Job Search Service.

I am just days away from launching my Job Traction service. I started writing resumes after over 20 years of Executive Recruiting because I wanted to help EVERY person who came to me for a job, not just the few who fit the position. Those in my Executive contact list will receive an email with […]

Are You Getting Traction in Your Job Search?

I am launching the Job Traction Membership Group  to provide “Beyond the Resume” job search services. Person2Person Job Connections! Connections to Internal and External Recruiters at your Target Companies. I will call and present you to Recruiters, Hiring Managers and Influential Contacts.. The bottom-line is for you to receive Interviews! Members will receive Insider information I glean […]

Are You “Resume-Ready” and “Beyond the Resume”.

Just when you least expect it you get a call or a message through LinkedIn. Someone is interested in talking to you about an opportunity! They ask a little about your background to confirm what they see and then they: ASK FOR YOUR RESUME! Update to this Post: The OTHER scenario: you are suddenly find yourself […]

Do I need a resume?

Ask Gary: Talked to a client yesterday who asked if she still needs a resume. I just read another article this morning stating that resumes are no longer needed and you need to just tell a company how you can help them. So far, in all of my discussions and meetings with recruiters who are actually […]

Unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent in September.

No wonder I am writing so many resumes! The unemployment rate fell to 7.8 percent in September, the Labor Department said Friday, from 8.1 percent in July, its lowest since January 2009. It is a surprising show of improvement in a job market that had seemed listless in recent months. Unlike in August, the number […]

Listen to this: Key Results Areas with Reid Hoffman.

Just listened to an EntreLeadership Podcast and wanted to share:   Chris LoCurto talks to Reid Hoffman, co-founder of LinkedIn and author of the new book The Start Up Of You. Dave Ramsey shares a lesson on the importance of going beyond a job description and defining Key Results Areas for team members. The podcast site. How do […]