It is December-Do not stop your job search!

Many businesses run their fiscal year on the annual calendar. Your competitors are taking time off from their job search in the belief that “no one hires during the holidays”. This is a great time to network and meet casually with decision makers and insiders. Even if they are not hiring in December, many companies […]

Your Job Search: Does anyone know you?

Ever hear “Who do you know”? The real question should be””Who knows you”? Unless you have a personal relationship, it is not likely you would be cold-calling a C-Level Executive and ask for a job at their company. Why are you suddenly calling Recruiters and asking them to find you a job? My Recruiting FOGs […]

Job Search Strategy: Keep Moving!

As a Recruiter I was always amazed when candidates would show up for an interview with me looking and acting less than stellar. Their attitude said “You are only the Recruiter, I will really dazzle them when I go in for the Interview”! Of course, they did not do well at the “real” interview. How you […]

Make a Human Connection.

How many jobs have you applied to without a response? Instead of just applying for the posted job opening, I always encourage my clients to cross reference the target company in LinkedIn and contact a hiring manager or an internal recruiter. Also, many employers’ career pages invite visitors to fill out candidate profiles, describing their […]

Before You Go on an Interview

I posted this in June 2012. As I continue to work with experienced professionals, the same issues continue to come up. When I hear the same thing over 10 times I feel it is time to re-post and re-state. An interview is a determination, or test, by a prospective employer of your ability to contribute […]