COGs getting Jobs.

I hear from my COGs (Clients of Gary) when they obtain interviews and new jobs. This is why love what  I do! Helping real people get real jobs! New positions include: VP Sales and Marketing IT Director IT Executive Engineering Executive CPA Social Media Executive CEO Congratulations to all! How is your job search going? […]

New Job Seekers-New Competition-Are You Ready?

With all the Government cutbacks, especially in the Military, I am seeing an increase in Resume Clients working for Government Contracting Companies. They are seeking a move into the Public Sector which means there are more Professionals seeking the same positions.     Are you positioned to meet the competition? Does your resume properly reflect your […]

Are Your Skills Transferable? Show Them!

Every week I talk to job seekers in transition. They are looking to transition from  Military service to a Civilian job or from a Government contracting company to a Commercial company. Their resumes are full of Military and Government acronyms and situations that are not going to appeal to the Recruiter or Screener or System […]

Where are you going? Can anyone tell?

A common issue I hear from my recruiting FOGs (Friends of Gary) is that they cannot tell what job the applicant wants!   They are applying for a position but the resume is not in alignment with the opportunity. Can a perfect stranger look at your resume and immediately see a fit? Some clients  tell me they […]

Your Profile. Recruiters are looking for you!

Spoke to 2 recruiters this week who search for candidates on LinkedIn almost exclusively. Spoke with 3 new resume clients who need immediate help because they were contacted by recruiters who found them on LinkedIn. They all need new resumes right away.       Does your profile reflect your skills and experience? If you […]

Job Posts-What Are They Looking For????

Periodically I am compelled to re-post especially when a situation or question comes up 5 times in a week! As part of my resume writing process, I ask clients to send job examples so I can align their resume to desired opportunities. When we discuss the postings it is often difficult to determine who they […]