Exclusive Search: Claims & Risk Manager

If you are driven to provide excellent customer service and a high level of quality, we would like to hear from you! New Mexico- Regional Territory $75K to $120K Company Car Great Benefits           AWESOME work-life balance – company car, every holiday comes with several days off – great people – the person […]

Oops! You Did It Again!

You submitted your resume online without any preparation. You have now joined the other hundreds doing the same thing with the same result. Recruiters (like me) are paid to find what the Company (my client) is willing to pay the Recruiter to find. That means if a position requires executive experience in manufacturing operations then […]

Is Not Being Tech Savvy Hurting Your Job Search?

When I interview candidates and resume clients I continuously tell me that they are not Tech Savvy-especially from those a little older. Fortunately, I embraced technology early on, not as an “early adopter “ but as a super user. I remember when a consulting company issued me a BlackBerry and I needed to make the decision […]

Still seeing Resumes that are Underwhelming.

  Currently working to place my resume clients and other Executives in 6 figure+ jobs. I am posting opportunities on my site and on job boards. As a result I am seeing a LOT of resumes. There are no shortcuts to properly presenting your experience and skills in the best possible light to cut through […]

Does Your Resume Pass the “Blink of an Eye” Test?

I have written about this before but it bears repeating. As I launch back into recruiting I am viewing a LOT more resumes to see if they match my job opportunities. I have heard about the 6 second rule. the 10 second rule, and the 15 second rule. My response based on over 25 years […]

Humans Hire – Not Systems. What Are You Missing?

You submit a resume with all the requirement “buzz words”. Your resume reads just like the job description. So why are you not getting an interview? Here is why: You submitted a resume with all the requirement “buzz words”. Your resume reads just like the job description. So do all the other 500 or more resumes. […]

Your Recruiter Not Calling You Back?

Here is a list of possible “knock-out” factors: You do not fit the requirements. You have less experience than they want You have more experience than they want. You did not read the job description carefully and lack something they want. Recruiters get paid to find the ideal fit not just a fit. Remember, you […]