Ask Gary. I am getting interviews-but no offers!

I have had some conversations recently with excellent resume clients who are getting phone interviews but are not receiving personal interviews or offers. In these conversations many have indicated that they felt they had not been at their best during the phone screen/ interview. Before the call: Have a copy of your resume in hand. […]

Ask Gary: I am moving to another city. Do I just indicate this in my Cover Letter?

I would not count on the Cover Letter to indicate your situation especially if you are going to be in competition with a lot of local candidates! To start, put your destination city at the top of the resume. I never put in the whole address on my resumes and I will put the closest […]

What tools do you use?

I have been asking my clients what they use to keep track of submissions and access open opportunities. Most are hitting the usual job sites including the Ladders, Career Builder and Tools utilized are Excel, Evernote and Paper lists. I use Evernote extensively so I can access information on my PC, phone and iPad. […]

Launching “Ask Gary”

I continuously receive questions from clients with concerns that I feel many of you share. For example, J___ writes that he is frustrated with a lack of response from employers and recruiters posting positions he feels are a great fit. My response was to ask if he had made any direct overtures to anyone utilizing […]