Answering Interview Questions. Part 1

I often hear that my COGs (clients) are getting interviews but not offers.

Here is some interviewing help. More here.


The most important thing an interviewer will get out of an interview is a subjective feeling about you, and you should do everything you can to enhance that feeling.

Allow the interviewer to control the interview, and concern yourself only with the content.

Your answers should show you are enthusiastic, sincere, and courteous.

Eye contact with occasional nods to indicate you understand what is being said are helpful. 

NEVER interrupt when an interviewer is trying to talk, and DON’T try to have all the answers.

Coming across as “A Know-It-All” or playing a game of “Can-You-Top-This?” will likely cost you the job.

DON’T go to the other extreme where they have to pry information out of you; but DO keep your answers short and concise,


give specific examples of how you’ve tackled similar challenges or dealt with similar problems in the past whenever possible.

What other situations can you share?

What advice can you share?

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