Ask Gary: Functional or Chronological Resume.

I am often asked what format should be used. In over 20 years of recruiting backed up by continuous contact with Executive Recruiters I almost always recommend and write chronological resumes with functionality. Unless you have the type of job that is the same from employer to employer you need to make sure that the […]

Testimonial & Referral From Client.

Love opening my morning email to comments like this! (took out identities to maintain job seeker anonymity) Gary, I am sure you remember writing xxxxx’s resume followed by my resume and my wife xxxxx’s.  I wanted to introduce you to my cousin: xxxxx xxxxxx.  xxxx recently accomplished a xxxxxxx certification and is interested in breaking […]

Executive Recruiter Meeting.

Met this morning with 2 Executive Recruiters. Highlights of our discussion: Make sure you know what experience and salary level the Recruiter is seeking.   Most experienced Recruiters only work certain jobs. Your Resume is not passing the “Blink of the Eye” test. The Company is paying the Recruiter only for the Ideal fit! Your […]

Conversation With FOG (Friend of Gary) Executive Recruiter.

Ran into one of my Executive Recruiter friends this morning. After pleasantries he let me know in no uncertain terms that candidates are trying to apply for high-level positions paying high 6 figure salaries without aligning their resume with the position! “I cannot submit you unless I see what I need on the resume.” It […]

New Job Opportunities from My Recruiting Contacts.

My FOGs (Friends of Gary) are active! Director of Operations, Consumer Plastic Packaging Manufacturing. Director of Learning & Development, Healthcare Senior Marketing Analyst, Software Project & Program Manager, Automotive Contact me for more info. I am not acting as an agent or recruiter, just helping my Resume Clients get Job Traction.

Do you know where you want to go? Minding Your Job Search.

Are you finding your job search overwhelming? Are you applying to 100 jobs a day? Think and prepare before you apply. What is important in my search? Location, commute, salary, hours, culture, advancement? What skill or experience gaps do I have? How will I address these? What are my “stories”? If I get an immediate […]

Another Group of COGs (clients of gary) Landing New Jobs!

Love when I see that my clients have landed new positions! After all, that is why I do this! Will be adding new “Job Traction-Beyond the Resume” services soon! Subscribe for updates. Principal Systems Engineer, Technology General Manager Supply Chain Operations, Manufacturing Business Development Director, Digital Media Product Launch Manager, Technology Manager, Sales & Business […]

Answering Interview Questions. Part 1

I often hear that my COGs (clients) are getting interviews but not offers. Here is some interviewing help. More here. The most important thing an interviewer will get out of an interview is a subjective feeling about you, and you should do everything you can to enhance that feeling. Allow the interviewer to control the interview, and concern yourself only with the […]