The Phone Screen/Interview. Typical opening questions.

Tell me about yourself? Why do you want to work here? What are your long and short term goals? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Why do you want to leave your current position? Why did you leave previous positions. Explain employment gaps. How do you handle issues and problems? What are your […]

The Phone Screen/Interview. Part 2

Remember, you are trying to get them to see you. Not give you a job-yet.   Listen to each question-make sure you understand the question-answer appropriately. You need to connect with the interviewer. You need to be prepared to answer technical questions, traditional questions, and behavioral questions. Have your answers to these questions where you […]

After the interview.

You should prepare, and mail, a note to the appropriate parties thanking them for the interview the same day. Keep it simple, neat, to the point, and avoid typo’s and spelling or grammatical errors at all costs. It should consist of three short paragraphs saying; “Thank you for the opportunity to interview”, “I am confident […]

Interviewing: Why are you looking?

Rule #1 is DON’T degrade your present or past employers. If you’re explaining why you left a company or why you are currently considering a change, give them the benefit of the doubt and be charitable regarding their shortcomings. Go ahead and point out problems you’ve encountered, but offer possible solutions you explored and were […]

Interviewing: The Salary Question

Many candidates have a very difficult time answering questions about expected income. A few will even bring up the subject of pay and benefits during interviews. The latter is easy to correct, but responding to the salary issue can be difficult. What salary are you expecting? Or what kind of income do you want? “Mr./Ms. […]

Interviewing: Asking Questions

  Just as it’s easier to talk about yourself when you’ve prepared in advance, it’s easier to ask questions about their situation if you’ve given it some forethought. Any questions you ask on the initial interview should pertain directly to the job you will be expected to perform. DO NOT ask questions about vacations, money, […]

Answering Interview Questions. Part 2

NEVER answer a serious question with a joking answer. Pick up on the interviewer’s reaction and body language, and cut your answer short if he appears bored or impatient. DON’T be afraid of silence; Once you’ve closed your mouth, DON’T open it again until asked another question. Nervous people have a tendency to ramble. NOTE: […]