I was a perfect fit for this position. What happened??? Part 2.

INTERVIEW ETIOUETTE Be very careful NOT to become too familiar during an interview. DON’T sit down until the interviewer does or invites you to do so. DON’T smoke or chew gum, sit up straight with your feet on the floor, NEVER touch anything on the interviewer’s desk, and avoid using profanity even if the interviewer […]

I am a perfect fit for this job. What happened?

ENTHUSIASM Give this some careful thought before you interview. Your attitude during an interview will tell them more about you than any other single factor. Sincere warmth and enthusiasm are vital. Anything else will jeopardize your candidacy. Unless you can communicate to the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in going to work for his […]


Honesty is generally the best policy. Hiding something or telling a lie can change your personality as you struggle with guilt feelings. It is important, however to distinguish between a question calling for a fact and one calling for an opinion. Always answer the latter to your best advantage and avoid controversy. Stick to the […]

Screening or Hiring Interview?

Distinguish between a screening interview and a selection interview. A screening interviewer is only looking for facts and for a reason to reject your candidacy: His purpose is to weed out unacceptable candidates. This is often the case with a preliminary telephone interview, and is a situation where you should play not to lose. Be […]

Filling out the Application

Many companies request candidates to fill out an employment application even though the applicant has a resume. Take a pen with you and fill it out completely. DON’T put “see resume”: The whole idea is to get the information in a format they are familiar with. If necessary, you can summarize a note that your […]

Interview Appearance & Arrival

APPEARANCE You won’t get a second chance to make a good first impression. Wear conservative business attire and pay attention to detail: Make sure your shoes are shined, hair combed, fingernails cleaned, breath fresh, etc. Your appearance will tell them much about how you feel about them, the situation and yourself. Employers see enough impeccably […]

Before You Go on an Interview

I posted this in June 2012. As I continue to work with experienced professionals, the same issues continue to come up. When I hear the same thing over 10 times I feel it is time to re-post and re-state. An interview is a determination, or test, by a prospective employer of your ability to contribute […]


First in a series of posts on “nailing” the interview. The key thing to remember going into an interview is that unless you come away with an offer, everything else is academic. You must approach the interview as a two-step process: FIRST, focus 100% of your energy on making the company want you, THEN, turn […]

Latest comments on my resumes

  I’m having a good time using my new resume.  It’s easy to change around and my fingers are crossed that someone will call me soon. Another: Excellent! Everything looks great. Thanks Gary. One more: Gary, thank you so much for the revised resume! And the cover letter template is exquisite – this is just what I’ve needed!